Oporto Investment Office


[Oporto Investment Office]
The Oporto Investment Office is a comprehensive consultancy group for International investors. It is directly related to a vast international group of companies and investment consultors.

The Oporto Investment Office provides investors with an excellent support basis offering a swift and effective assistance both in Portugal and abroad, namely in the portuguese-speaking countries (Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, S. Tomé & Príncipe, Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde).

Oporto Investment Office – Core Services

  • Setting up a business, a branch or a subsidiary

    The incorporation of a company does not represent any difficulty to a foreign investor intending to establish himself in Portugal. The legal/juridical framework of the companies in Portugal does not differ much from those in force in other European countries.

  • Market studies

    The study of a potential market, or of the consumption habits and the distribution systems are important factors to be borne in mind before any investment decision.
    We are equipped to execute all these types of studies speedily. Furthermore, these studies are, often, essential in order to obtain State Investment Aid.

  • Assistance in finding joint-venture partners
  • Preparation of applications for national and E.U. funds

    We are specially prepared to draw up application “dossiers” for national and European funds aimed at financing companies and their investments.
    We permanently follow up such applications with the appropriate public departments on a routine basis, with echelons of fees being charged until approval for a project is given.

  • Mergers and acquisitions

    The sale, purchase or merger of companies are markets currently growing in Portugal. On one hand, that is because of foreign groups wishing to establish themselves in our country and, on the other, due to portuguese companies’ interest in globalizing themselves, thus competing with the “big” international firms.
    Mergers between portuguese and foreign companies are likely to occur, this way the markets of the portuguese-speaking countries namely Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, S. Tomé & Príncipe, Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde will be embraced.

  • Tax/Accounting Services
  • “Partenariat” agreements
  • Registered Offices

    We are happy to cede our offices’ addresses as postal, tax and legal addresses for companies at the beginning of their “implantation” as well as secretariat services in several languages, namely: english, french and german.

  • Financial and Investment advice
  • Franchising agreements