Fantasporto 2006


26th Oporto International Film Festival
Official Competitive Sections
Fantasy Films (Feature and Short Films)
Méliès d’Argent Award and Directors Week Competition
Orient Express Official Competition
Anima-te (Animation Feature )
Porto in Shorts
Retrospective and Première & Panorama Sections

27th February till March 12th

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in the 26th OPORTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL – FANTASPORTO 2006.
The basic idea behind the Oporto Film Festival is to promote films that seek new forms and methods of film making.


1 – The OPORTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL – FANTASPORTO 2006 – will take place from the 27th February till March 12th
2 – The Festival has as purpose the screening and promotion of films of quality, both aesthetic and thematic.

3 – The Festival has eight sections
3.1 – Official Section – Competition for Fantasy Films – feature and short films (maximum 15 minutes length) and European Fantasy Film “Méliès d’Argent” Award.
3.2 – Directors Week – Competition for Feature Films (no thematic strings attached)
3.3 – Orient Express Official Section (for asiatic featutre films)
Non- Competitive
3.4 – Panorama & Première/Films of the World
3.5 – Retrospective Section
3.6 – Anima-te (Animation Feature )
3.7 – Porto in Shorts
3.8 – Retrospective

4 – The Festival aims at:
a) Giving the city of Oporto an cultural forum.
b) Dignifying the Portuguese Cinema and encouraging the film production in Portugal.

5 – The participating producers may present short or full-lenght films under the following conditions:
a) To be screened in 35mm (feature films and short films)
b) To have English subtitles or to be spoken in english
c) To have been produced between 2004 and 2006.
d) To be the first public screening of the film in Portugal, if entering for the Competitive Sections.


7.1 – To submit a film to selection the producer must send an entry form accompanied by the following materials:
a) VHS or DVD (all regions).
b) Sinopse
# tapes, dvd´s and promotional materials sent to Festival’s selection are not returned.
7.2 – The entry forms, if the film is selected, must be accompanied by the following documentation:
For Electronic Translation
a) Dialogue List of the film in English.
b) VHS or DVD (all regions)
For Promotion
a) At least 10 press stills or slides or digital press kit
b) Five posters 100x70cm
c) Three press-books or flyers
f) Betacam PAL trailer or EPK from the film, for TV promotion
# tapes and promotional materials, except betacam extracts or traillers, sent to Festival’s selection are not returned.

8 – THE PRINTS OF THE FILMS SHOULD BE IN POSSESSION OF THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE ON THE 15th FEBRUARY 2006 (deadline if entering for any of the Competitive Sections ).

9 – A committee appointed by the Organizers will select the films submited to the Competitive Sections of the Festival.

10 – The Organizers will nominate three International Juries.

11 – The International Jury of the Official Section for Fantasy Films will grant the following awards:
a) FANTASPORTO “Best Film Award”
b)Best Direction
c)Best Actor
d)Best Actress
e)Best Screenplay
f)Best Special Effects
g)Special Award of the Jury
This award will be given to a film whose artistic and technical aspects present a high level of originality.
h)Best Short Fantasy Film Award
i)The International Jury will also grant the “Méliès D’Argent Award”, for the Best European Fantasy Feature Film and for the Best European Fantasy Short Film , presented in the festival. The winners of the Oporto Méliès Award are the runner’s up for the “Méliès d’Or Award”, an event organized each year by the European Fantasy Film Festival Federation.

12 – The International Jury of the Directors Week will grant the following awards:
a) “Fantasporto Directors Week” Best Film Award
b) Best New Director
c) Best Screenplay
d) “Fantasporto Directors Week Special Award” of the Jury – for originality.
e) Best Actor
f) Best Actress

13 – The International Jury of the ORIENT EXPRESS official section will grant the following awards:
a) Orient Express Fantasporto Best Film Award
b) Orient Express Fantasporto Special Award

# A diploma will be given to all films participating in the Competitive Sections.

14 – The 35mm prints must be send through DHL (account number to be informed by the festival) directly to:

Rua Aníbal Cunha, 84/sala 1.6
4050 – 046 Porto

15 – The transport expenses of the prints of the feature films run on account of the festival, except when returned to another Film Festival per request of the producer of the film. Concerning the short films the prints must be sent on account of the producers/directors. The return will be paid by the festival.

16 – The Organizers will bear expenses for the storage and insurance of the prints.

17 – The Festival insurance coverage includes: All risks: theft or fire; loss or disappearance; total or partial damage.
The insurance company covers for all the sections of the festival, whatever the nature of the material such as: *format 35mm; *negative: Black and White or colour; *lenght: short or long; *subject: fiction, animation; *support: film, videotape, videocassete.

18 – The Organizing Committee will decide on all matters not provided in these regulations, in compliance with the application of the International Regulations for festivals.The participation in Fantasporto’2005 implies the acceptance of these regulations.

The official designation of the Oporto Festival is :
“Festival Internacional de Cinema do Porto – FANTASPORTO”.
1 – The Oporto International Film Festival is held annually in February and goes now to its 26th Edition.
2- The Oporto Festival was founded by the editors of the film magazine Cinema Novo, and is sponsored by the Portuguese State and private sponsors.
3 – The Festival awards have no monetary value and are represented as a trophy for the winners and diplomas for every participating film.
4 – The festival receives entry forms from all over the world, mostly from European countries and the United States.
5 – The Festival runs in four theatres (3500 seats altogether) and screens nearly 200 feature films each year and 50 shorts.
6 – The press coverage of the Festival is made by all nation-wide newspapers, radio stations and television networks. This allows press dossiers of nearly 5 000 clippings each year, which represent an unique media coverage in Portugal for similar cultural events.
7 – Nearly 110, 000 entries per year is the average of the Festival’s past editions.

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