Mines on the ground

– Anti-personnel mines –

A bomblet ( cluster bomb ), 2 portuguese soldiers have been killed by one at the beginnings of the mission in Bosnia at Vogosca.
Gorazde Mine, thousands of these mines are on the ground in the area of Gorazde



A PMR-2A, one of this mine wounded 2 portuguese sergeants. That sort of mine was the most common used on all former Yugoslavia during the war.
PMA-3, Another mine used by all forces on this war Lt Pinto Rocha Pinheiro, have been injured by one of this mine in Praca











Don’t go to the areas reported by:

Mimes, was the first and most dangerous difficulty that all Portuguese soldiers were exposed when they established theirs camp bases on the areas controlled by them. All most accidents occurred on this mission were caused by mines or explosives devices remained on the ground by both sides after the end of the fights for the conquest of the lands, and in a lot of cases they have forgot the exact localization of all these mines or boody-trappes.
And now with the end of the fights, all civilian populations are expose to this blinding threat. The most expose are the children and rural population who start to grow the land. And the population from the both sides who return to their native residence after have been forced to leave it in consequence of the numerous occupations of the lands by the troops of both sides.

New law for dead soldiers during their turn of duty

On The 20th of June Portuguese Government changed the law 404/82, about living allowances for the families of dead soldiers on duty. According with the old law dead soldiers’ parents with less than 65 years could not receive any kind of living allowance. In this case were the parents of 1stCapo Mouta dead in Sarajevo. With the new law they will receive a living allowance for the death of Mouta, their only soon.

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